Our specially trained chocolatiers create over 70 different delectable homemade chocolates on premise each and every day. From gooey caramel to creamy peanut butter and even crunchy toffee, there is something yummy for everyone.

ice cream

We proudly scoop Josh & John’s Ice Cream,
a local favorite. Old fashion churns and all natural ingredients are used to conceive this ultra creamy treat, which has been voted best every single year since 1986 by two Colorado Springs newspapers.
To compliment the ice cream, we hand-dip waffle and cake cones in our decadent chocolate.


Real Fudge

We spent years perfecting our top secret fudge recipe. Only the best ingredients are used to ensure the quality of this smooth and rich homemade dessert. We are constantly trying out new flavors, however the delightful base will always remain the same.