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Getting organized is simple; simple isn’t always easy.

Steps to Success

After a Needs Assessment, Andrea will work with you to help you purge, organize, downsize, or “rightsize.” She will help you with the decision-making process and she will share ideas and organizational solutions that support your goals.

Respectful Interactions

There will not be any bossing you around, no making you feel worse than you already do. There will be help, guidance, support, and encouragement.

My promise to you

As a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing (NAPO), I subscribe to and follow a code of ethics.  At the core are respect, honesty, and strict confidentiality. In short, I treat others how I want to be treated. 

I do not believe in the notion of “magic” related to tidying up, nor do I believe in offering a one-size-fits-all approach. Why? Because I recognize that everyone is different, therefore solutions should be tailored to the individual circumstance, too.                   

                              – Andrea Brundage


Benefits of getting organized

  1.   Saves you time.
  2.   Saves you money.
  3.   Enhances peace of mind.
  4.   Alleviates embarrassment and shame.
  5.   Allows you to do more of the things you LOVE.

But can you help me?

People often ask, “Have you ever seen anything this bad?” My answer is yes! In all my years of organizing, I have probably seen it all. And here’s the deal: If for some reason I am unable to help you, I will happily refer you to someone who can.

One last thing

If you’re like me, you like to make informed decisions. Click around my website; take advantage of my free gifts; watch my amazing clients share their stories; read my Google Reviews; watch some videos, or read my blog. If you still have questions, complete the Get Started inquiry form or just give me a call at (480) 382-1085I want you to be comfortable with your decision to work with me.

If there are no more questions, let’s get started. 

Please allow 48 hours (Sundays excluded) for a response.

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Angie Mozilo

Angie Mozillo

“Andrea made a visit to my home in December just before the holidays. My closest (aka mom’s closet, aka the catch-all closet) was so overwhelming to me that I didn’t really know what was in there. It was unmanageable and frustrating every time I walked in there. With a few strategies and suggestions that were specific to how I do my daily living, we found flow and organization that made the space intentional – with the best flow and purpose for how I function. Andrea never told me what to get rid of and what to keep, but instead guided me with empathy and gentleness through the process of me determining what was serving me, and what was controlling me in my space. There was great power and empowerment in having her there as sort of an unspoken permission to purge of things that no longer served me, and that could serve someone else better. It has been 5 months, and my closet is still in top shape and serves me well. An unexpected bonus was that I used the same strategies and heartspace that Andrea opened my eyes to, and have tackled other areas of my home. I still have some work to do, but I can feel the freedom and peace in my physical space increasing every day. Andrea is a professional, empathetic, an expert and a pleasure to work with.”

Alana Roberts

Alana Roberts_Amazingly Virtual

“The gratitude that I have for Andrea Brundage and Simple Organized Solutions (SOS) goes far beyond being thankful for her coaching me through the task of learning and implementing QuickBooks for my business. She reminded me that we make progress “one entry at at time” and that gave me the needed calm and perseverance to move through my paperwork without fear and anxiety. Her coaching has empowered me to see the big picture without being afraid. I have learned to take a monumental task and to break it down into smaller bite-sized pieces so it is not daunting nor is it overwhelming anymore With Andrea’s guidance, we have automated my accounting procedures which has resulted in me regaining an extra 10+ hours per month! What is most interesting is that this project started with her helping me get my accounting system up-and-running, but I have found that I am implementing her organizational coaching techniques in other areas of my life. Because of this, I am enjoying increased clarity and calm.”

Abbi Normal

Abbi Normal Testimonial

“Andrea did an amazing job helping me bring order and calm to my condo. She has amazing energy and a very positive attitude. She teaches you how to keep things the way they are, and doesn’t just do it for you. She is incredible and well worth your time.”

Vonda Shumaker

Testimonial icon

“Andrea helped me find space in my kitchen for a crafting cabinet. She saw where I was not utilizing space and showed me how to use it to my best advantage. Andrea’s very kind easy going person to work with and as very positive attitude. I highly recommend her.”

Carmelita Jimenez


“Andrea was wonderful. Her kind and gentle approach to a my dreaded task of organizing a sewing and painting space made it actually fun! In 4 hours she was able to help me prioritize and identify what things were of use and what things were not. Not only did I get my painting space, she called me the next day to make sure that I finished my “homework”. Thank you Andrea. I am feeling much lighter and happier in my new space!”

Michael Woodrum


“Andrea is a lifesaver. Went to Mesa to help my brother after surgery. Home needed help also, Andrea was referred by cleaning service. Called and she came by the same day, Wow. She has a great eye for what needs to be done. Very professional and non judgmental. She’s worked with my brother on how to do process of organizing while I was there. He’s continued working with her and the results are amazing and life changing!! You come away from the experience feeling like you’ve made a new friend. Also her husband, Tim, is a handyman so he was able to haul off trash and do some repairs, what a team!!! Would highly recommend!!!”

Lindy Wilson


“I found Andrea online after looking for someone to help coach me in some decisions about starting my own business in organization. I read her reviews and saw her 5 star rating and decided to give her a call. She was so easy to talk to and had some incredibly helpful information that I was able to take and use. I appreciated her calm, happy disposition and willingness to answer all and any of my questions. I really appreciated all of her help and highly recommend her if you’re needing some coaching.”

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