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Welcome To Phoenix Arizona Acupuncture




Welcome to True Acupuncture, a Phoenix Acupuncture Chinese Medicine Center.

My approach is to provide the finest Phoenix acupuncture & holistic clinic. I view Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine as not only a means to overcome illness, but as an approach to live a longer healthier life.

Each patient is an individual whose unique set of circumstances affects their overall well-being. I take into account many things during a treatment course, including: injury, diet, emotions, environment and stress.

My goal is to create a comfortable and safe environment for the patient to find their way to optimal health in our restorative acupuncture clinic. 

Phone Number  1-480-840-7356

Many people ask me how does acupuncture work? It works in a variety of ways please click on the link to watch a short video and read a little bit about how acupuncture works. 

Many people think of acupuncture when they are in pain, although acupuncture can treat many different conditions, please click the following link to find out what other conditions acupuncture may treat

If you war looking to find a little more about acupuncture points and some of the effects they can have on the mind and body please you can read a little more about those points my website. 

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