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Jaime Lathrop assisted my late parent's legal firm (Goldfarb and Associates) in keeping their apartment out of the hands of an unscrupulous Reverse Mortgage Company. Mr. Lathrop at least twice successfully defended our interests at court. I am very grateful to him. We have, thanks to him, successfully negotiated the sale of the apartment.

David - 3/20/15 - on Avvo

Professional, Trustworthy, Highly recommend!

Jamie helped with more than one issue regarding my home. He was professional, direct no nonsense kind of guy. I would highly recommend you talk to him about any legal issue that you may have. He is very reasonable and will upfront about your case and options.

David - 3/2/15 - on Avvo

Best Lawyer in Town

I fully trust Jimmy with all things legal and have had him as my lawyer for nearly a decade. He's been there for me through several real estate transactions and business ventures. He always gives sound advice, providing thoughtful rationale and clear explanations for his recommendations. I truly feel lucky to have him on my side.

Fannie - 2/11/15 - on Avvo

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Second Department Demonstrates Limitations to Distressed Real Estate Investors Litigating Foreclosures

The New York Law Journal published an analysis of a recent appellate division decision authored by Mr. Lathrop, which can be found here: Read More

Brooklyn Bar Association Foundation Law Committee helps co-op dwellers know their rights

Jaime Lathrop spoke for an hour and a half on the rights of cooperative shareholders and renters under the Martin Act and NYS Constitution. Read More

Brooklyn Bar Association Foundation Law Committee reaches out to public on landlord and tenant law

The Brooklyn Bar Association's Foundation Law Committee hosted a free and public event,featuring "prominent landlord tenant attorney" Jimmy Lathrop, titled "Landlord Tenant Law: Know Your Rights," where attorneys gave a presentation on landlord and tenant proceedings. Read More

Reaction to $93 million initiative to provide free legal access to tenants facing eviction in Housing Court

Jaime Lathrop blasts initiative as a handout to political allies of the mayor, notes the city should be worried about filling vacancies on the bench within the Housing Court that are causing major delays in cases. Read More

Lathrop Quoted in another New York Times Article

Jaime Lathrop offers advice on dealing with excessive noise - like when you live above a bar! Read More

Lathrop Article in The Times-Picayune

"Give lawyers a tax incentive to take on indigent defendants" Chandra Bozelko and Jaime Lathrop offer suggestions to address the indigent defense emergency in Louisiana. Read More

Lathrop Presents Lecture to Brooklyn Bar Association

"Lathrop and Vaughn Provide Brooklyn Bar Association with Updates to Foreclosure Law" A pair of the Brooklyn Bar Association’s own trustees gave a Continuing Legal Education lecture titled “New Developments in Foreclosure Practice” in Brooklyn Heights on Monday. Jimmy Lathrop, of the Law Offices of Jaime Lathrop, P.C., represented the defense side of foreclosure law. Read More

Lathrop Article in New York Law Journal

"The Benefits of Pro Bono." Pro bono legal representation has long been the best way to demolish the barriers to courts for people who would otherwise be blocked from justice. Unfortunately, the ABA's most recent survey found that approximately 64 percent of respondents had not rendered the recommended 50 hours per year to people of limited means. Read More

Lathrop Quoted in New York Times Article

"When Friends Buy a Home Together." Jaime offers words of advice on friends buying property together. Read More

New Developments in Foreclosure Practice Lecture


On October 13, 2015 Jaime Lathrop lectured at the Brooklyn Bar Association for his annual CLE update "New Developments in Foreclosure Practice."

Lathrop Recognized for Pro Bono Work

On October 29, 2015, Jaime Lathrop was recognized by the New York State Court's Access to Justice Program for his work as a Guardian Ad Litem in the Housing Court of the Civil Court of the City of New York at the Pro Bono Ceremony and Volunteer Lawyer Expo at the New York County Lawyer's Association's House of Law on Vesey Street.

Brooklyn Bar Association Lecture

On April 30, 2015, Jaime Lathrop lectured on "The Nuts & Bolts of Building Your Practice." Whether you’re joining a small firm or hanging your own shingle, this course will help new and experienced attorneys understand how to develop a practice and what ethical concerns must be considered.

Joined the Board of Trustees of the Brooklyn Bar Association

On June 7, 2013, Jaime Lathrop was installed as a member of the Board of Trustees of the Brooklyn Bar Association. Established in 1872, the Brooklyn Bar Association is a 2,000 member strong organization whose primary purpose is to promote professional competence among attorneys and increased respect for the legal system. The Board of Trustees is the main governing body of the Brooklyn Bar Association, responsible for shaping policy and planning decisions for the organization's long term goals and projects

Distinguished Service Award

Jaime Lathrop was awarded the Distinguished Service Award from the Brooklyn Bar Association during their 2011 Annual Meeting on May 11th.

Director, Foreclosure Intervention Program Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyer's Project, Inc.

On March 30, 2009, Jaime Lathrop began his tenure as the Director of the newly-created Foreclosure Intervention Program administrated through the Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyer's Project. Designed to meet an overwhelming need for pro-bono representation for homeowners facing foreclosure within the recently-mandated settlement conferences for high cost and subprime loans originated between 2006 and 2008, Mr. Lathrop has recruited, trained and supervised private attorneys who have volunteered their time and expertise to negotiate workouts and mortgage modifications for Brooklyn homeowners sued in foreclosure.

Jaime Lathrop recognized for outstanding pro bono service

pro bono service

In recognition of National Pro Bono Celebration Week, on November 1, 2011, the NYS Courts Access to Justice Program, along with the New York County Lawyers' Association, the New York State Bar Association, and the Office of the Mayor of the City of New York held a pro bono awards ceremony to honor our outstanding dedicated volunteer attorneys for their pro bono service. Congratulations to Jaime Lathrop, Mary A. Callaghan, Thomas Jeffrey Giles, Michael Adrian Valentine, Kimon C. Thermos and Daniel Remine for their outstanding work and dedicated service in the Housing Court Guardian Ad Litem Program!

Featured in the Brooklyn Law School Library Blog

"BLS Alum Gives Back" Read More

Featured in the LawyersAndSettlements.com

"Brooklyn Lawyer Jaime Lathrop Pitches In to Help Foreclosure Victims." Read More

Featured in the Brooklyn Daily Eagle

Brooklyn Daily Eagle

The "super team" of the Brooklyn Volunteer Lawyers Project Pro-Bono Foreclosure Panel took a brief break from their labors in the courts to relax and be honored this week. They’ve stood out among the roughly 80 attorneys who volunteer their time at the foreclosure panel by going above and beyond the call of duty as volunteers.

Featured in The Huffington Post

The Brooklyn Volunteer Lawyers Project appeared in The Huffington Post as part of an article on the "ever-increasing number of lifelines for people trying to avoid foreclosure." Read More

Meet Jaime Lathrop, Esq

Meet Jaime Lathrop, Esq

Jaime Lathrop was admitted in the 2nd Department in April of 2003 and began his legal career working with a settlement agent representing lending institutions in purchases, sales and mortgage refinances of residential properties. In 2005 he began volunteering in the Resource Center at the Housing Court at 141 Livingston Street advising pro se litigants in free consultations concerning landlord/tenant law in New York City. In 2006, 2007 and 2008 he was named an "Empire State Counsel" by the New York State Bar Association, an honorary title given to those attorneys who donated more than fifty hours of pro bono service to the public in recognition of his work in the Resource Center at 141 Livingston Street.

In 2007 and 2008, he appeared in over 10 cases in the Federal District court as pro bono counsel for defendants in the Recording Industry Association America's "illegal downloading" lawsuits where a consortium of record companies sued users of peer-to-peer (P2P) file-sharing websites for unauthorized downloads of popular music.

In 2009 Jimmy was hired by the Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyers Project as Director of the Residential Mortgage Foreclosure Program to train, supervise and mentor volunteer attorneys representing Brooklyn's most vulnerable homeowners in the Foreclosure Settlement Part in the Supreme Court at 360 Adams Street. He has given numerous CLE lectures concerning foreclosure litigation for various bar associations in the last three years. In the past two years over 165 homeowners and 45 volunteer attorneys have participated in the program which works closely with the courts and lenders to help put Brooklyn's homeowners back on track with their mortgages.

Jimmy's experience with complex landlord/tenant litigation has led to many appointments as a Guardian Ad Litem in the Housing Part of the Civil Court of the City of New York for his special ability to work with Adult Protective Services and non-profit legal service organizations to navigate the maze of city agencies and benefit programs designed to serve the most at-risk members of our community. Under the auspices of the Brooklyn Bar Association Volunteer Lawyer's Project, Jimmy has initiated a NYCHA Article 78 program designed to appeal New York City Housing Authority administrative decisions which have terminated tenant leases or rental subsidies.

Jimmy is qualified under the Part 36 Rules to serve as a Court Evaluator, Guardian or Attorney for an Incapacitated Person under Article 81 of the Mental Hygiene Law in New York County and Kings County. His training and background in real estate litigation and emergency applications has led to numerous appointments as a Special Guardian or as Counsel to Guardian.

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